• Office: Teraudlietuves street 5, Riga, Latvia
  • +371 67362508


SIA “Rīgas kombinētās lopbarības rūpnīca” (Riga Mixed Feed Plant Ltd.) is the oldest plant in Latvia, producing mixed feed, premixes, mineral additives, protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates for livestock and poultry, feed for fish, feed for dogs, protein concentrates for fur-bearing animals.

Established in 1948. Riga Mixed Feed Plant has some long-standing traditions, the main of them being constantly care for the best quality of ready-made production. Using a special program for calculation of fodder recipes allows to optimize the composition of mixed feed and protein-vitamin-mineral additives for a particular buyer, considering his raw materials and animal feeding schedule. Specialists of the company are always ready to give recommendations for balancing rations for livestock and poultry as well as help farmers to get maximum profit and cut costs of fodder using premixes and protein-vitamin-mineral concentrate produced by Riga Mixed Feed Plant.

Riga Mixed Feed Plant is the owner of two pig complexes with 14 000 pigs. Riga Mixed Feed Plant is a contemporary enterprise consisting of several feed production works:

  • Premixes and concentrates work;
  • Loose feed work;
  • Pets feed work;
  • Feed granulating work;
  • Feed extruding work.