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[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-paw” style=”simple-style” title=”DRY FEED FOR DOGS” image_u=”2227″ button_text=”READ MORE” link=”/dry-feed-for-dogs/?lang=en”]

Dogs need a balanced feeding. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, 12 vitamins and minerals keep the dog in good shape.


[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-cubes” style=”simple-style” title=”Prestarter Feed for Broilers” image_u=”2582″ button_text=”READ MORE” link=”/prestarter-feed-for-broilers/?lang=en”]Prestarter feed for broilers – granulated feed (1,6 mm) or grit. Feed for broilers from 1 to 7 days of age is designated to accustom broilers to concentrated feed.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-cubes” style=”simple-style” title=”Mixed Feed” image_u=”2254″ button_text=”READ MORE” link=”/mixed-feed/?lang=en”]

Contemporary animal breeds and poultry crosses need feed, fully ensuring their necessity for nutrient substances, to maintain life, reproduction and gain high productivity.


[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-cubes” style=”simple-style” title=”Prestarter Feed for Piglets” image_u=”2581″ button_text=”READ MORE” link=”/prestarter-feed-for-piglets/?lang=en”]The first six weeks in the life of piglet is the basic period in development of animal and in gaining good economical results in fattening and profitableness of pig breeding altogether[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-cubes” style=”simple-style” title=”Premix” image_u=”2258″ button_text=”READ MORE” link=”/premix/?lang=en”]

Premix is a homogeneous mixture of grainded micro components and additional substances, designated to enrich mixed feed and protein-vitamin-mineral additives for farm animals and poultry in order to increase their productivity.


[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-cubes” style=”simple-style” title=”Protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates” image_u=”2262″ button_text=”READ MORE” link=”/protein-vitamin-mineral-concentrates/?lang=en”]

Protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates – is a mixture of small ground high protein feed devices with optimal amount of macro-micro elements and biologically active substances designated for feed production.