Premix is a homogeneous mixture of grinded micro components and additional substances, designated to enrich mixed feed and protein-vitamin-mineral additives for farm animals and poultry in order to increase their productivity.

Micro components include vitamin complex (A, D3, K3, C, group B), trace element salts (copper, zinc, manganese, iron, iodine, selenium, cobalt), trace elements (sulfur, magnesium) minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, pigments, aromas and others, added to mixed feed to avoid illness, cure, stimulate growth, provide genetically caused productivity to animals. All of them are biologically active substances.

We produce wide assortment of premixes for poultry, pigs, cattle.

As a filler can be used wheat bran, limestone meal, sunflower meal etc.

The filler can be as a component for example, of bran mixture, vegetable oil etc.

In the production of premixes stabilized (protected) forms of vitamins and enzymes are used.

According to the necessity of the consumer, taking into account the already existing raw materials, kind of animals, the composition of premixes can be balanced of vitamins, micro and macro elements, amino acids, enzymes etc. If needed, antibiotics and coccidiostatics can be added to increase effectiveness of the ration.