Prestarter Feed for Broilers

Prestarter feed for broilers – granulated feed (1,6 mm) or grit. Feed for broilers from 1 to 7 days of age is designated to accustom broilers to concentrated feed.

Prestarter feed for broilers contains well assimilable components: extruded wheat, extruded maize, soya concentrate, fish meal etc., biologically active substances in optimal proportions and amounts. These substances can be rapidly digested and well assimilated by chicken, considerably reducing the sick rate in first days of life and ensure physiological needs and maximum growth of chicken. Prestarter feed for broilers strengthens the immune system of chickens and reduces sanitary culling of poultry. Feed contains probiotic.

There exists a scientific regularity: each 10 g of feed, the chicken consumes till the 7th day of age, gives from 80 to 150 g additional gain of weight at 42 days of age. Expenses for feed till the 7th day of age in the structure of cost price are small but the yield is great. Kind of feed – granules 1,6 mm.