Prestarter Feed for Piglets

The first six weeks in the life of piglet is the basic period in development of animal and in gaining good economical results in fattening and profitableness of pig breeding altogether.

Feeding piglets with prestarter feed lays foundation for their further growth and development, for gaining higher daily weight using less feed expenses. It enables to use sows more efficiently.

Prestarter feed for piglets – it is a balanced product for feeding piglets and it contains well assimilable components.

Prestarter feed for piglets contains mixture of extruded grains(wheat, barley, maize), fermented concentrate of soya (HAMLET PROTEIN 300), fish meal, potatoe protein, glucose, aminoacids, vitamins, micro- and macroelements.

In order to normalize immunity and alimentary tract of piglets in production of prestarter feed bio additives are used, acidifier, probiotic – bacilli cultures Bacilluslechineformis (DSM 5749) and Bacillussunstillis (DSM 5750) in proportion 1:1, enzymes and flavor.

High energy content ensures fast growth of animals and better conversion of feed.

Prestarter 1 is feeded to suckling piglets from 5 days of age till weaning, 4-6 times daily as much as needed. Free access to pure water must be ensured. Prestarter 2 is added to prestarter 1 2-3 days before weaning and 10-14 days after weaning. Transition to starter feed must be gradually, to avoid stress and diarrhoes . Feed in granulas 2,2 mm.